Singers such as Madonna, footballers like Ryan Giggs and even Queens like Elizabeth of Belgium attest to the power of Yoga in maintaining both physical form and mental health. Currently, more and more research is being conducted concerning the benefits of Yoga. The following are just some of the results.

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Physical Benefits of Yoga:

  • The University of Virginia (Virginia, USA) completed an investigation that has documented that there exists more than 70 distinct studies throughout the world that prove the benefits of Yoga for cardiovascular health.
  • The National Institute of Health (Maryland, USA) has concluded that a regular practice of Yoga is effective in combating y and improving diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, depression and chronic pain.
  • According to researchers of the University Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, USA) Yoga reduces blood pressure and helps to reduce the risk of certain mental illnesses.
  • The University of California (California, USA) has finished a study that demonstrates that Yoga increases the production of an enzyme called telomeres that is related to the longevity of cell life.

Why Practice - Goodyoga

Mental Benefits of Yoga:

The University of Maryland (Maryland, USA) has documented with more than 80 studies that Yoga is effective in combating depression and fatigue as well as improving sleep and increasing levels of energy while lowering levels of anxiety. It is possible that these positive effects are related to Yoga´s ability to lower levels of stress in its practitioners. Furthermore, the universities of Harvard (Massachusetts, USA) and Boston (Massachusetts, USA) have shown that practicing Yoga increases the production of certain neurotransmitters that act as anti-depressants.  Why Practice - Goodyoga

In conclusion, the scientific community is currently discovering what practitioners of Yoga have known for over a millennia. When practiced correctly and regularly, Yoga supports great mental and physical benefits that effect positively a variety of aspects in a practitioners daily life.