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Good Yoga in Seville, Spain is a specific practice of Hatha Yoga that is both therapeutic and transformative. In Good Yoga the teacher adapts postures to each student while evaluating and guiding the students using hands on assists to correct postural realignment. The support of blocks, belts, chairs, blankets and bolsters are used in order to execute postures correctly and provide effective flexibility and strength training. In this manner the student is able to experience the benefits of each posture from the very first day and avoid possible injury. Good Yoga classes are influenced by the work of B.K.S. Iyengar, principals used in Yamuna Body Rolling and Critical Alignment as well as other breath and mindfulness techniques based on modern day neuroscience and Yogic philosophy in order to offer a complete practice that targets the entire mind/body complex.

In a Good Yoga class each student has the opportunity to learn how to control and relieve stress and pain while at the same time improve and increase their own levels of strength and flexibility. All of this is taught in a personalized and concise manner so that each student learns how to integrate what they learn in a Good Yoga class on and off the mat and thereby live their daily lives with less stress, greater mobility and more energy.

If you are serious about improving your overall state of physical and mental well-being, sign up today and feel GOOD in both mind and body and learn what it means to live pain free, move with greater strength, flexibility and energy.

B.K.S Iyengar: ´Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life.

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Good Yoga posture & alignment course

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Thursday Group: Starts Octubre 5th 19:30

Tuesday Group: Starts Octubre 10th 17:30

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As a very large person I have always steered well away from yoga but Michelle is an excellent and effective yoga instructor. She smoothly takes you through a wide array of differing techniques which focus on posture, breathing and body care improvement . Michelle is very hands on and you start to access your body in a different way. The meditation sector is effective and positive well being is ensured. I loved it!!
NatalieCoventry England

She is just great. I have tried yoga before but I never really liked it until I met her. She has helped a great deal both phisically and spiritually. I highly recommend and thank her!

Michelle is a dynamic and passionate yoga instructor and holistic therapist. Her classes focus on the individual needs of her students and push them, with gentle guidance, to overcome their personal obstacles and limits spiritually, physically, and emotionally. And her great smile welcomes students in a warm atmosphere!
AnaChicago, Illinois

Michelle is an excellent yoga instructor and cares deeply about all of her students. She not only makes sure all of her students have the correct posture, but will make individual corrections during class so students get the most out of her classes. She is very talented and I would recommend taking a yoga class with her!
AmandaMadison, Wisconson

I hadn’t done yoga before, and hadn’t even done any kind of exercise for years before joining Michelle’s class. But it wasn’t daunting at all – Michelle is really patient and encouraging. But she does push you to improve! And I definitely noticed a change in my body. Michelle’s soothing and relaxing voice during the meditation at the end of the session helped me to feel a peace and relaxation I’d never experienced before. Tuesday definitely became my favourite day of the week!
AndresQuito, Ecuador


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